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Los Angeles, CA 91342
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Global Manufacturing

We at CLI offer our customers the advantage of Manufacturing Globally with the security of local USA based Corporation that will guarantee your success, and meet highest quality standards, and on Time Delivery. CLI takes care of their customers DOOR to DOOR !
Working as a team, your business and ours, brings American know-how and international Manufacturing together. CLI will use the type of performance you need. Whether it be tight tolerances or shortened lead-time, we work with you to get the job done. CLI coordinates all the work with our engineers and Quality Control departments and ensures your product is made to your satisfaction.


CLI is your manufacturer to supply both your global & Local production requirements to meet your On Time Production needs. Our thirty years plus, experience and know-how makes us the perfect choice for global manufacturing.


CLI Manufacturing meets the challenge of offshore competition

CLI is the manufacturer for you. We machine & Fabricate the highest Quality and offer promptest delivery for your production needs and at a competitive price! With more than 30 years of experience, CLI is the perfect choice for both global and local manufacturing!


How CLI provides a competitive edge for your global & local outsourcing needs

  • Significant savings on machining costs/sheet metal fabrication
  • Highest technology machines to produce your precision parts
  • CLI engineering team supervises all aspects of Quality Control
  • CLI meets ISO 9001:2008 standards
  • Quick turn around for first article approval upon receipt of order
  • CLI goes the distance to meet your delivery schedule

If you want ways to reduce your manufacturing costs and increase your bottom line to give your business a competitive edge, CLI provides the solution! We are your manufacturer. Our combination of U.S. standards of quality control along with low-cost production can not be beat.

CLI is the best manufacturer for your precision machining global + local and supplies and delivers a product to your specifications. Our 30 years plus, experience and know-how makes us the right choice for your international manufacturing and local needs.


CLI Gives You a Competitive Edge for Your Global & Local Manufacturing Needs

  • Substantial savings on manufacturing & machining costs
  • High-quality manufacturing, state-of-the-art precision parts
  • CLI engineering team supervises all aspects of quality control
  • Quick turn-around of first article approval, upon receipt of order
  • CLI goes the distance to meet delivery schedule
  • CLI meets ISO 9001:2008 Standards
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Is CLI Manufacturing Right For You?

CLI ISO 9001:2008 manufacturing facilities have all the necessary skills and equipment for machining high-quality precision parts.

CLI manufacturing dramatically reduces your production costs while meeting your precise specifications.

Create a production landscape with your manufacturing, with CLI, that will lead to greener pastures of profitability. If increasing your bottom line is important, let CLI's professional team work with you to create a competitive edge in your manufacturing process.


Your Partner for Global and Local Manufacturing


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